FS: Dellorto VHST CD 28mm Carb for Serious Moped Racing Bizniss Etc.

Hi all - wound up with this extra VHST and figured I'd see if anyone on here wants it. It's like your lil SHA's way older stepbrother or something like that. These carbs are bad ass - pretty much everyone in Europe actually racing classic 50's runs a VHST 28. This is about as big a carb as you'd want to jam on a 50cc motor. Works best on 50 liquid-cooled madness or high flowing Gila kits or something along those lines.

I put one of these on my E50 race bike with a Barikit intake on a Gila kit and it created real magic at 13,000 RPM. Barikit intake is the easy way to do it if you want to VHST your Gilamonster.

This one is brand Used...though pretty sparingly. The top plastic bit is brand new, as is the o-ring. The idle screw is one of the ones that bends so you can put it anywhere and adjust your idle even if you can't even see the carb. Nifty. CD version...which is the same as the BS version, just flipped around more or less. Has cable choke now but you could buy the manual choke kit for all of $8 if you'd rather choke it out manually.

These take the PHVA style jets ("Big Dellorto" or "6mm").

$70. Located in Boston MA. Shippable for slightly more money.

Re: FS: Dellorto VHST CD 28mm Carb for Serious Moped Racing Bizniss Etc.


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