All the good Korodo parts

So ice managed to hoard all of these korado parts with out ever touching a korado over the years. Anyway I'm buying less stock moped parts and more vintage scooter stuff so here's all the good stuff from a korado cylinder, head, clutch pads and the elusive kickstand riser/extender thing. Cylinder is good looks like it got a little hot around the right side transfer, but totally run-able. Piston also shows some wear around right side transfer also totally run-able replace the ring or don't and just blast the stock class @ moped go.

210$ shipped and PP



Re: All the good Korodo parts

More pics


Re: All the good Korodo parts

Would you sell the shoes separate?

Re: All the good Korodo parts

I have $85 for the top end

Re: All the good Korodo parts

This would be a great topend for the Colfax Killer...just sayin...

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