1978 Snark “iforgetthemodel”

Sawyer O'Bradovic /

I’ll start out by saying I don’t need to sell this. I’m entertaining offers and trades. I’ve had this for 3 or 4 years now I forget. But it runs, it’s titled, and it’s rare.

1978 snark “iforgetthemodel”

M02 with 480ish miles on it.

I took the original bars off and speedo

I am the 3rd owner and have put <30 miles

Brand new 14:12

Blasted and honed head and jug

All new gaskets

Treats low bars

Cult bmx vans grips

Knarped everything

New ngk vintage plug wire

Original everything besides that including tires

And I still have everything original for it that I took off.

Currently running with one ring, don’t ask

Runs great hits and hits 35 easily

I’m looking for 1000 obo or trades, and yes I know you might think that is high. But I will bet that much you will never find another this color yet alone with this low of mileage. And I think this is worth more than same random maxi with 2000 miles going for the same price now. Can add cash on top if needed for a trade and won’t accept offers unless seen in person. 17331 zip code. 7179657212


Re: 1978 Snark “iforgetthemodel”

Ohhh man your in for a surprise, that bike is not rare, but in good shape.

Depending on the local market that is about a 400-500$ bike

Re: 1978 Snark “iforgetthemodel”

Stock, running, torn seat.

Yeah about 500 on a good day

Re: 1978 Snark “iforgetthemodel”

Moped Lar (OFMC) /

Rarity does not always equate to value. This bike falls into that category.....rare but not particularly desirable.

Re: 1978 Snark “iforgetthemodel”

Sawyer O'Bradovic /

I’ve literally been looking for years for another, yet alone the same color.

Re: 1978 Snark “iforgetthemodel”

Isn't this the same bike you tried to sell for $800 almost 4 yrs ago?

Re: 1978 Snark “iforgetthemodel”

Brandon Weiss (Detective brandon to you) /

I think its a beautiful bike! The front fender with the matching yellow stripe is very cool, it has a desirable motor on it, and the paint looks great. Good luck with the sale!

Re: 1978 Snark “iforgetthemodel”

This particular snark might be rare. But that frame definitely is not. I believe there are a few mopeds that share this frame. I know the safari does.

Re: 1978 Snark “iforgetthemodel”

Sawyer O'Bradovic /

Hey Steve don’t you have something else better to do (edited)

Re: 1978 Snark “iforgetthemodel”

This thread is beautiful.

Re: 1978 Snark “iforgetthemodel”

Sawyer O'Bradovic /

> Serious Business Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> This thread is beautiful.

Hey I’ll take the free bumps. You’re beautiful.

Re: 1978 Snark “iforgetthemodel”

Negrini has the same frame

Re: 1978 Snark “iforgetthemodel”

So do pacer sport 2s

Re: 1978 Snark “iforgetthemodel”

And the concord xke

Re: 1978 Snark “iforgetthemodel”

Kevin O'Connor /

Maybe try selling on another site where you'll find someone who is unaware of the actual value?

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