Honda NC50 Express Part Out - Detroit Metro

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Parting out two, Honda NC50 Express Mopeds, between the two of them there is 90% of moped. Will sell one complete if local, or will ship in pieces. Both are yellow. I am located out of the Detroit metro.

Many parts if something is not listed please let me know what you are looking for.

Currently loose parts and prices, Minimum order $20 but will discount on multiple items on order.

Headlight Ring - One tab broke and without part to fix - $15

Headlight Ring - Ring Broke, includes light and fixtures, one tab broke and with part to fix -$15

Headlight Bucket - Broke see pictures, includes speedo - $20

Speedo - Good, Include broken bucket - $20

Ignition Switch - No key - $10

Horn - Clean, can test - $15

Fenders - Two Fronts, Two Rear, will include supports - $30 for undamaged set, $15 for cracked set

Seats - Covers in bad condition, Foam useable - $30 for seat with better cover and wing nut on plastic line. $15 for other.

Foot Peg Trim Covers - 2 set, both good condition - $30 per pair

Main Wiring Harness - Good condition - $20

Right Side Controls - Wiring good, aluminum not pitted - $40

Left Side Control - Wiring good, aluminum not pitted - $40

Cables - Please ask more if one if need there are each in different shape.

Cylinder Head - $10

Air Filter Housing - Missing the "cage", see pictures for part included - $30

Air Filter Mount - Good - $10

Rear Shock - Functional - $20

Gas Tank - x2 one if better than other - $40

Gas Cap - x2 - $10

Muffler - Ok condition usable - $50

Bare Frame - This frame is rustier that the mostly complete frame but still usable, handle bar include if pick up - $100

Transmission - Has been split open but use bolted back together cover good condition - $200 or will part out sub-components

Lower end of engine - engine is unable as the head bolt holes are striped so I can part out the sub-component on the crank.

Rear Wheel - Includes brake assy, currently on transmission- $80

Front Wheel - Includes brake assy, Ok, some rust pitting in the drum but I believe it is salvable - $60

Shipping is not included in any price. If it can, I will ship via USPS flat rate shipping which is from $7 - $17 depending on size. Shipping cost is per order. Flat rate units will include packaging material so items are not damaged in shipping. If a large item can't ship flat rate, packaging material are at the cost of the buyer, cost to ship to your location can be quoted. I am willing to ship a frame or other large item if disassemble to be flat and under 70lbs.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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