Puch Maxi


Puch Maxi

Hey guys my wife and I are having a baby so she doesnt want me riding anymore so I’m selling my ped. I am selling it for $750

I am having issues starting it because of an air intake leak and have not got it started since I swapped the motor and did a reed valve kit. This has been a bummer since I have not got to ride it since I painted it and got all the parts. I am hoping that someone here will appreciate the time and money put into this thing and get her running and enjoy it. Here is what has been done to the moped and/or bought.

Puch 70cc 45mm reed valve kit from Treats.

Malossi PHGB 4 petal reed block intake

New brake shoes front and back

All new gaskets (clutch cover, case, carb, top end)

Factory black decals (still in plastic)

New brake cables

New Starter cable

New black chain

New headlight

Dellorto PHBG clamp style

Malossi E12 air filter

PHGB 19mm square port intake

Black BOSS pipe

Low rise handlebars

I also have these things as well

Stock handle bars

Stock exhaust

Original Bing carb

6-7 Bing jets

6-7 Dellorto Main Jets

Flywheel puller tool

Extra transmission gears

Random moped parts

Thanks for looking. (edited)

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Logan Byers /


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Christian Levi /

I notice it’s a 2 speed. did you replace the pucks and the crank seals?

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Love is blind

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Christian Levi /

Ya bumped your post, and then no response?

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Chris Carleton /

Tell your wife to not worry because it dont run

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Christian Levi /

Hey @rasta86 -- do you always bump your own posts and then disappear?

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Sizzle...sssssssssssssss damn HOT....

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