Tomos kick start motor for swaps

I'm in the UK and have several Tomos A3s and A35s, all of which are kick start. I've noticed a load of threads on here about converting pedal start motors to kick start, so would anyone like to swap their pedal start for my kick start? I have lots of engines in various states of repair, so we can do like for like or just the components that are different on the two types? It'll be about a month before I can ship as I'll have to get my shit together and root through my storage unit, but what have you got? Make me an offer

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Bump. I should probably mention i can ship worldwide so it doesnt matter where you are

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Still no takers?

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Re: Tomos kick start motor for swaps

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It’s just the internal gear thats different in the bottom ends. I’d swap ya in person but it’s not worth the cost of shipping them to you on my end. How much would it be for you to ship a bunch of engines to Boston ma? Sounds heavy

Maybe if some young buck has a bunch of pedal start tomos engines and no ability to turn a wrench and a pocket full of cash (I mean internet money) maybe then this would be a good deal. Then they would have to have a bunch of straight foot peg assembly’s and pegs to add to there previously pedal powdered peds...... and there’s that little peg that’s broken on every other kick start ignition side cover Woff so many parts to frick up on an kick start tomos it’s nuts.

I have pedal start internals that I can sell y if that helps get your kicks to or email.

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Rory: Thx, PM recieved Are you thonking a whole engi e or parts?

Zach: depending what other interest I get I may take you up on buying the pedal start i ternals, although ideally im lopking for the whole lot - side covers, pedal cranks ect. Ebay can.provide any missing parts tho so its all good

Everyone else: if you wanna swap bottom end components or the whole bottom end I'll include everything you need, trans covers, kick start lever, foot pegs and hardware... Everything I dont need that you will. Can you mount stock foot pegs straight on to a pedal frame tho? I've never seen one in person so i dont know if there'd be anything to bolt the pegs on to

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you need the footpeg bracket but yeah.

there are about 6 parts that are different, not including all the shims and bushings on the shaft. stator cover, return spring, etc.

we have a lot of both in the states so i don't think it would be worth it for anyone to ship all the way to UK but i'm sure you can find the pedal parts cheap. I have a ton of that stuff but nothing that is like, a complete set.

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Ok so I had a rummage around today and found two potential candidates for a parts swap.

Theres a 1988 A3 that looks in really good condition apart from the kick start lever stop peg thing that is a bit bent but will bend back no probs. The rubber is also missing but im sure I have a spare somewhere I can throw in.

I also have an A35 bottom end circa '91. This one isnt as nice as the left side cover has seen a bit of chain action and the twat that owned it before me (and he was a proper twat, he charged me for an exhaust and didn't send it) WELDED the kick lever onto the shaft. I removed it and cleaned it up ok but you'll need to spend 20mins with a file to get the lever mounting collar to fit right, but thats no problem for you gurus...

So thats it, pick your engine and I'll swap your pedal start engine internals, side cover(s? Would we get away with just one?), Pedals and cranks for my kicker internals, lever assembly/spring situation, foot pegs, hardware and bracket. I'll even throw in some british candy to literally sweeten the deal.

My eventual goal is to scratch build a pedal start Targa LX from imported bits as they dont exist over here, so anybody who can help me out with that dream on a tight budget will be doing God's work


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