Black 2007 Tomos Targa LX (Rebuild)

J.W. Brubaker /

What can I say, this Tomos LX is completely custom and fun as hell fast. Totally rebuilt from the wheel axles, to the grips. Im looking to sell because after 4 years of rebuilding and testing, I have outgrown the ride, and need the cash for a car. I have invested over two grand in parts and labor, mostly to a small shop in Hagerstown, Maryland, ironically called Hagerstown Moped, to the owner that really knows his scooters! Its a sweet little bike and anyone would love it.

$1300 OBO

my email is

check out my ride for more info on, called "Starga LX"Edited 2 time(s). Last edit at 01/02/18 12:09PM by jwbru8.



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