FS: General 5 star/minarelli

mr snuffalufagis /

$550 smackers takes it. Runs like a fucking champ. Points in great condition, new external condenser, new brake pads, hardwired, motoplat ht coil, new rings, hi-comp head, custom cafe bars(im a welder for a career), mlm side bled peoples pipe, og handlebars and pipe included. I have 3/4 of plastics with it. Had to drill out gas cap, but works great. Cleaned petcock with new filter and gas line. Tank has a couple small dents.... But clean as a whistle on inside. Located in northern indiana. Will post pics tomorrow. Dont wanna sell, but selling EVERYTHING moped related. Need cash for other adult things in life. Time to grow up.

No low ball offers answered, will be ignored.

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