FS: Dellorto 19 BS Carb/Hobbit VM18 intake

-Summerai - Shong /

Selling a brand new, never used Dellorto 19 BS Spigot Mount Carb with pull choke.

I've never opened up the bowl so I'm assuming these are the original specs from treats;

main jet = 55

idle jet = 45

starter jet = 60

slide = 40

needle = W7

atomizer = 262 AU

$80 shipped or $110 shipped with Hobbit VM18 intake. If only carb is sold, I will be keeping the intake. PM if interested. PayPal ready.

2017-12-04 13.10.57.jpg

2017-12-04 13.11.15.jpg

2017-12-04 13.11.44.jpg

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