FS: dellorto 18mm phbg carb

Lightly used for about 3 weeks. Comes with any jets you want, if I have them. Only comes with a w16 needle, I don't have any other needles. Currently is cable choke but I think I have a pull choke for it. $75 shipped

I also have a malossi e12 air filter I'll toss in for free. It has a small hole on the side of it but still functions. Throw some tape on it or something?

You also get a 19mm clone phbg clamp that's missing a few small pieces. BONUS!

Re: FS: dellorto 18mm phbg carb

$65 shipped

Re: FS: dellorto 18mm phbg carb

How much would you sell just the clone carb for? Also do you have any pics?

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