WTB Derbi GPR50 Rear brake pedal

Some piece of shit stole the rear brake off my bike at the Treats rally last year while we were stopped up top twin peaks. I've been putting off fixing it because A) No money, and B) it makes me sad to know a fellow rider would cut my brakes. Like wtf?

I saw him "looking" at the bike but I assumed it was in admiration, not thieving a part and making my bike unsafe. Kinda of shitty dude. Another forum member mentioned to me that "the rear sets were loaned to the guy who sold it to you [me]" ... weird how my shit gets stolen after that.

Anyways Ive never been able to find a complete assembly to replace it, only over priced bits from Europe. If anyone has the following pieces I would really like to be able to ride this bike at its full potential again, with a rear brake.













Seriously. w. t. f.

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