Vespa mopeds + parts

Moving sale..

I would love to sell most of my Vespa collection to someone seriously interested in Piaggio mopeds. I have been involved with them for years,

1978 bravo was my first moped.

Anyways, please email me with serious interest.

I have two running mopeds (si and bravo) as well as a grande project,4129209,4129900#msg-4129900

and many parts/tools.

I will make an attractive package deal for someone.

Framingham, MA 01702

Thanks! (edited)

Re: Vespa mopeds + parts

Monti said you're movin to PA, where you gonna be?

Re: Vespa mopeds + parts


Re: Vespa mopeds + parts

Currently have 2 runners (need tune for idle and proper running)

86 si "monte carlo" w oil injection

77 bravo

78 grande is a hybrid of parts and currently a roller


Polini sp w new baffle

brand new Simonini especiale

extra spoke wheels from Vespa+Kinetic

belts,new tires, stock engine cases, carbs, variators, clutch bells, flywheels..

New Malossi reed engine w 70cc kit and full circle crank

Tools, etc.

Re: Vespa mopeds + parts

$1800 takes everything

Re: Vespa mopeds + parts

willing to ship? could use kinetic rear wheals, variated transmissions if you have any

Re: Vespa mopeds + parts

Brian Fredericksen /

Details on the Si please, and what do you have for Si parts?

Re: Vespa mopeds + parts


Trying to sell the whole lot. There is a Kinetic rear and two complete rear transmissions


Si is complete but missing air pump under seat. Currently not idling and needs someone to love,4089225,page=1 (edited)

Re: Vespa mopeds + parts


Re: Vespa mopeds + parts

Vespa lovers..?

Re: Vespa mopeds + parts

last call


Re: Vespa mopeds + parts

two running bikes (si and bravo) and the grande roller plus additional parts.


Malossi reed engine

Polini sp exhaust

new Simonini especiale exhaust

stepped clutch bell +starter shoes

2 engine cases and flywheels

new tires 16" and 17"

drive belts

extra wheels and fenders

and whatever else turns up for Vespa


I have the correct brakeplate for the grande w bravo forks but it is not currently on the bike. There is a center cover for the grande but it is cracked. I have a flywheel puller and some extra plastic shrouds for engine too. There are renthal bars and hardware to attach to bravo forks on the grande. Probably some cables


Re: Vespa mopeds + parts

Everyone's ridin', no one's buyin'

Re: Vespa mopeds + parts

Re: Vespa mopeds + parts

"si" has been sold

"bravo" + "grande" roller


Re: Vespa mopeds + parts

I’m looking for a footrest and a battery box cover for a 1978 Vespa Bravo. Got either or know where I can find either?


Re: Vespa mopeds + parts

Brenda Bando /

Hi there, will be parting out my Bravo, bought it to do a build, no mother. Did you find everything you were looking for?

Re: Vespa mopeds + parts

Brenda Bando /

First batch of photos, Tyler you asked abut til light, that is what came in the box, lens is damaged, housing is great, more to come


Re: Vespa mopeds + parts

Chöschi21 C.K. /

Why do you guys call them Vespa's? They are Piaggio's!

Re: Vespa mopeds + parts

Dirty30 Dillon /


If you are trying to sell something, start your own thread. Not very chill to hijack a F/S thread with your own goods for sale.

Re: Vespa mopeds + parts

In the us the mopeds were branded Vespa. Often the nameplates have both Vespa and piaggio. Piaggio is relatively unkown however there are a few scooters around.

Re: Vespa mopeds + parts

I was told at myronsmopeds vespa or piaggio are both correct . Also my 78 bravo u.s. import has both names on it.

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