1980 Honda Express 2 speed

I have a 1980 or maybe 1981 Honda Express 2 speed Moped. This was running good 2 weeks ago and made a video of it running. This was the first time we had started it all season. I can not get it running now, It has spark and seems to be getting gas. Its in pretty good shape and when ran it did run very nice. I can send the lik to you tube Video of it running. I was planning on selling it as we never use it. It has only a kick start and its not the Spring loaded one. Its a regular kick start. I prefer to sell the entire thing and not sell parts. I will take a $100 for it. The speedometer did not work but all else did.

We are in the Fort Worth Texas area and prefer you pick up. Email me if interested as I do not use the message thing threw here.


$100 cash takes it.

honda moped.JPG

Re: 1980 Honda Express 2 speed

That is giving it away. Wish I lived 1800 miles closer.

Re: 1980 Honda Express 2 speed

Thing looks fresh out the box

Re: 1980 Honda Express 2 speed

Is this still available?

Re: 1980 Honda Express 2 speed

Down to 3 years old.lol

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