Wtb: complete 103 frame

I am putting together a bike and need a 103 frame. A few months ago I started collecting parts to add to a roller I was waiting on but the bike I bought never materialized and now I have an engine, pipe; carb, forks, etc that needs a frame. I am mainly interested in the frame and toolbox, swingarm, rear fender, and headset bearings/ frame hardware. Lights and stand would be nice too.I don't need forks, wheels, bars/controls. I have checked around and found only one frame for sale on ebay and it's missing the toolbox, fender, swingarm and kickstand. They are asking around $100 shipped. Seems a bit steep since its missing everything. If anyone can help me out let me know. Thanks!

Re: Wtb: complete 103 frame

email dos bruh.

Re: Wtb: complete 103 frame

Yuh. Contact@doscycles.com and I probably got ya.

Re: Wtb: complete 103 frame

There is one for sale here in so cal. This guy bought it for 80$, cleaned it and is now asking $160.


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