Vespa Piaggio Grande

I Don't know what year it is, I have put a great deal of work into this moped, stripped and painted the frame, cleaned all chrome, verified all lights work, rewired. Removed engine tore apart cleaned, reassembled, compression is 100+, installed new points, condenser, both ignition coils, rewired entire ignition system, new spark plug. New light and engine start controls, new carb, throttle cable, pedals. Now the bad, after putting everything back together, verified compression, fuel, and spark but will not start, this is why it has all new ignition components. I even built a test stand for the engine to troubleshoot, now I am just tired of messing with it. I am sure it's just something easy I am missing, my frustration your gain.

$800 OBO

Please email me for pictures:

Re: Vespa Piaggio Grande

Brandon Weiss (Detective brandon to you) /


Re: Vespa Piaggio Grande

Needs pictures (edited)

Re: Vespa Piaggio Grande

Jimmy Cauchon /

So you bought it as a runner, broke it, and are selling it for less(taking a loss). What did you pay that you'd be taking a loss at $800? Lol!!

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