WTB 103 Puegy CDI and exhaust pipe

Hi I'm look for a 103 cdi and exhaust pipe can be after market just as long as it threaded. write me with pics please =] restoring one to run better and faster

Re: WTB 103 Puegy CDI and exhaust pipe

Hi Sara. I love that bike. I was hoping to score on it last week but as always I was too slow.

I too enjoy riding with the Landsquibs. Watch out for those gosh darned Lost Boys though. They might stick you with the check.

I would recommend the La Partie 75.00 cdi. CDI

You will have to do some minor wire switcheroos to make the brakelights work and get new brake switches too.

This is the easiest fire and forget pipe but its's gonna break like all of them.

simo pipe

You will need a seperate threading adapter as well.

Really though with a stock cylinder, pipes dont really work much better that the stock pipe.

Ask me for help any time. It makes it easier to bum coffee at rides. Those gosh darned Lost boys never gave me none.

Re: WTB 103 Puegy CDI and exhaust pipe

Ive been riding with the squids since august love those crazy people haha I've only rode with pony and mike from the lost boys and they are cool dudes.

well we had to replace the original exhaust and replace with another original exhaust but it was so backed up it made the bike run even slower than the last one. I've seen updated versions of the pipe on treats but I'm looking to make it go faster

Re: WTB 103 Puegy CDI and exhaust pipe

The Lost Boys are the most gracious and kind people. It has always been my thing to jam on them. "those gosh darned lost boys"

Those stock pipes will come apart and you can burn them out in a charcoal fire then shoot the black again with paint.

Other than that the pipe I sugested might get you 5-7 on the top end.

Pipes is all about RPMS and I'm afraid RPMS is all about cylinder kits.

Or you can get both sometimes with a big strong man, and some times a good book or the Wiki is way better.

Re: WTB 103 Puegy CDI and exhaust pipe

I have a simo pipe i would let let go. I chopped it up though cause i wanted to put it on my magnum x. If you have a wealder it could be fixed. And if youre crafty ypu can make it clear the pedals.

Re: WTB 103 Puegy CDI and exhaust pipe

Do you have any pics of where you chopped it? This carb has been recommend for this bike the most and will fit nicely without any modifications

Re: WTB 103 Puegy CDI and exhaust pipe

What carb are you talking about This? 15.15 del

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