FS: KTM SM25 (sachs 306/3by)


Moving this post to the right forum.

I have been on the fence but I am letting this and other projects collect dust, I would like to pass this on to someone that would really do good things with it.

I will post better pictures as I have time to do so, if you are really interested pm me and I will probably get to it faster. Located in St. Louis, I would prefer not to ship but I will if the buyer arranges and pays.

$800. I may consider trades-running/ready to ride, moped, scooter, or motorcycle.

KTM SM25: Sachs 506/3by with pedals (three speed twist shift). This is the vertical Sachs motor. 80cc Athena with head, Athena intake, 19mm phbg, treats gigantor pipe, new tires (not installed), new ignition. Ran briefly but time and/or jetting need attention. Have key for ignition, fork lock, built in bike lock, and gas tank. Dent in tank but it is super clean and has dual petcocks. Seat has rip. Super heavy duty, built for an adult sized person.

Re: FS: KTM SM25 (sachs 306/3by)

Sorry 506/3by not 306

Re: FS: KTM SM25 (sachs 306/3by)

Jimmy Cincinnati /

Re: FS: KTM SM25 (sachs 306/3by)


Re: FS: KTM SM25 (sachs 306/3by)

Jimmy Cauchon /

Double fuckin bummp.

A Bump for a super seller. Straight about everything and fair.

And another b-bump for a badass bike- solid !

Wish I had the space and the money for another bike.

Re: FS: KTM SM25 (sachs 306/3by)


Re: FS: KTM SM25 (sachs 306/3by)

I have the original cylinder, intake, and carb for this too. The carb was missing a shim possibly.-it had a beer can shim when I got to it.

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