WTB minty Sears Sabre

I'm interested in the earlier models (66-67?) with the chromed tank. Looking to spend somewhere in the 500-700 range, plus transport.

Re: WTB minty Sears Sabre

Richard Eberline /

First, The Early Sabre was made in 1965 and sold into 1966.

Second you are fishing without any bait.

Third, I will sell a Early Sabre, of which I own eleven (11)

for three time that amount!!!! All original and good condition,

running, new tires and 45 miles per hour 2000.00 and not a penny less.

You have my mobile #.

Re: WTB minty Sears Sabre

I traded a rebuilt running one for 4 Tomos so your price is low as fuck dude. For $700 you should expect to rebuild, replace tires/tubes/cables/chain, rebuild the deflated seat, and probably buy a new rear axle.

Re: WTB minty Sears Sabre

Yeah, minty and/or running Puch Sabres are pretty desireable. You might want to adjust your budget and/or make/model of motorbike you desire.

Re: WTB minty Sears Sabre

Re: WTB minty Sears Sabre

I sold this one for $500 a few months ago. It looked good I got it to run but still needed a lot of work. The forks needed to be overhauled and the engine needed new main bearings. Still the body was in very good shape. I thought this was a very decent price.


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