FS: Vespa Grande Rear Rack

I have a modified (not by me) rear Vepsa Grande rack. Yup, these are still way too hard to come by it seems. I don't have a need for this one anymore so seeing if anyone else is looking for one. I wish they didn't fuck with it, but the mod would look cool if someone cleaned it up a bit and painted/powder coated it. Has a more edgier look. Missing the little clip/bolt that holds it to the frame, but that's an easy trip to a hardware store.

Not sure what shipping would be on this? I measured and it's 24" L x 5.5" H x 11.5" W.

$75 plus economy shipping?

Re: FS: Vespa Grande Rear Rack

Nooo someone chopped on it :,-(

Re: FS: Vespa Grande Rear Rack

italo jimenez /

is it available

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