Lot puch derbi Peugeot whatever

I have a bunch of stuff I need to get rid of, and I think some people might just be into it. Please, the whole lot only. I only want $350 for everything. The puch Murray is kitted and has a Leo Vince pipe. It used to belong to Eliot George, incase you know him. It's titled. The Peugeot rolling chassis is not titled, but it has some rad kids dirt bike wheels that were laced up on Peugeot hubs. I think their aluminum. I got a derbie engine (dont know which one, but it's the one with the intake on the cylinder not on the case) and a puch za50...don't know where the engines came from. Moped parts seemed to magically appear in my basement for a long stretch there. Box of carburetor is about what you'd expect.



Re: Lot puch derbi Peugeot whatever

More pics


Re: Lot puch derbi Peugeot whatever

Dibs! You have pm.

Re: Lot puch derbi Peugeot whatever


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