WTB: NU50 Stock Cylinder

Brandon C. /

Treats makes a good stock piston that I can pair with it so if it's just the jug that's good

Re: WTB: NU50 Stock Cylinder

I've got an NU50 cylinder, but I'm pretty sure you'd have to have it bored for the next size piston. I can get it bored for you--there's a machine shop next door to my shop. I'd sell the cylinder for $15, boring and honing for the next size piston is about $65 I think. Shipping depends upon where you live; I'm in Kansas.

Re: WTB: NU50 Stock Cylinder

I'd have to pass on that, thank you though. Stock size is key for me in this case. Considering price too I'd be better off buying new at that point.

Thank though!

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