FS: 1996 Piaggio Ciao Mix

1996 Piaggio Ciao Mix. Rare Euro version Ciao I am told. I picked this up recently and got it running. I sanded out the rust and repainted. I drilled out the carb to 13mm and rejet. Running a solid 30mph now.

I do like this bike but, I know there are those who would like it more. I want this bike to find a good home so I am willing to accept reasonable offers and I am willing to ship.

This bike is in an excellent condition and would make a wonderful "sleeper" bike. All that is needed is upgrades.

PM me with offers please


Re: FS: 1996 Piaggio Ciao Mix

$550 and you pay for shipping??

Re: FS: 1996 Piaggio Ciao Mix

Where are you located?

Re: FS: 1996 Piaggio Ciao Mix

New Orleans

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