Cheap Ciao in CA

Not mine, seems worth it if you get some info from the seller but looks like a decent start if you get it for a good deal

eBay Ciao

Re: Cheap Ciao in CA

Been eye fuckin that for months now, I love the color.

Re: Cheap Ciao in CA

Looks like it had some useful bits, I constantly search ebay for random moped bits, I got a Ciao roller for $35 in Scranton once, motor was run without rings but the paint is worth it alone. Nothing like some nice original paint.

Re: Cheap Ciao in CA

How was the engine running without rings? Share the tuning secret!

Re: Cheap Ciao in CA

It was runnin so well that it took an impact wrench to get the piston out of the cylinder

Re: Cheap Ciao in CA

Nice starter to then spend $1000 on.

Re: Cheap Ciao in CA

Just figured I'd let you all know

Theres also this engine that could be honed/rebuilt probably.

Treats has the stock cylinder for $60 plus they are having their 20% sale.

And I'm sure plenty of people on here have lens bits and such to complete it over time.

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