FS - 65cc Metra

I have used 65cc Metra cylinder and piston.. It was running just fine on my za50, but the exhaust studs snapped off.. it of course could be fixed very easy if you have the right tools.. there is still about 5-10mm of threads on each stud sticking out. I dont have the tools but the guys at treats said they could do it easy if i wanted to keep it.. instead I decided to see if there is someone out there who wants a 65cc metra kit.. I dont have the tools and i needed to keep my ped on the road and just bought a treats reed setup. So my loss is your gain.. I can take pictures for anyone interested, but its clean with no soft seizes .. rings are good.. the cylinder does have a few knicks on the crown.. not sure why.. but other then cleaning that up and pulling the exhaust studs its a solid kit with many more miles on it.. lmk if your interested, but I was looking for $100 + shipping obo

Re: FS - 65cc Metra

Snapped studs, 100 bucks. Come on man. The kits new were only like 120

Re: FS - 65cc Metra

Treats said put it up for $150 since its discontinued.. Idk how much its worth.. If it was $120.. Then its worth ~$70?.. I said obo too so offer up but no low ballers.. Its far from junk.. Id fix it but my only extra case is an e50 matched to a gila kit..

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