WTB: Pug 103 project or running Los Angeles

Hello All,

I am looking to buy a Variated Peugeot 103 in the Los Angeles area. I currently have a Non Variated Fixed frame 103 that my wife rides, but its a bit of a rough ride for her and its a bit slow being non variated. I am open to selling it or trade for a 103 in similar condition. I recently replaced all cables, tires, tubes and such and went through the whole bike so its in clean running condition. I know these fixed frames are sought after for racing since they are quite light. I think her moped weighs 20 pounds less than mine. No sense her having a bike that a racer might want when she would be happy with a regular 103. Anyone have anything they want to sell or possibly trade. Needs to be a 103 as she is french and only wants a Peugeot.

I actually have 2 fixies if anyone is interested. Not willing to part out though.


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