WTB stock Derbi GPR 50 top end

picked up a 2001 derbi gpr with a bad cylinder, does anyone have a stocker that they want to sell? how much? also, possibly a stock pipe? how much?

get at me!

Re: WTB stock Derbi GPR 50 top end

I've an 05 nude that i've been throwing around the idea of throwing in a Kx125. I'd be willing to sell the entire powerplant with all the goodies (pipe, and carb) fore the right price. I pretty much bought this new with less then 20 miles. I believe it has around 500 miles now. I've tuned and ran this on amsoil saber at 80:1. It tops out at 50mph on level and 64mph down hill with my fat ass. Gets about 70mpg. . No idea what to ask for it?

Of you or anyone else Sparks any intrest?

If you've an ebe075 case I might consider a partial trade?

Re: WTB stock Derbi GPR 50 top end

PM'ing you right now... i do have the ebe075 cases. having trouble finding a top end.

Re: WTB stock Derbi GPR 50 top end

Have you contacted Fred in Atlanta? He almost certainly has what you're looking for. He probably has the largest collection of derbi parts of anyone in the states. He posts under Ffreddie.

Re: WTB stock Derbi GPR 50 top end

woah really? ill try and find him to contact!!

Re: WTB stock Derbi GPR 50 top end

Thanks Blake! i contacted Fred and he was a HUGE help. He contacted Parma and Airisal. Took a bunch of measurements on some kits that he had, then Parma emailed him back, said they still carry a direct replacement cylinder kit for EBE075 engine. I googled the part number and it came up with a couple overseas websites with photos, everything looks good, the ports and transfers all look how they should.

Fred said $220 plus shipping from Atlanta.

parmakit 23156.00

part number for reference ^^^^

Re: WTB stock Derbi GPR 50 top end

Are tho the stock cylinder for the ebe075 or is it a upgraded cylinder?

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