FS A3 motor complete

Got a complete A3 running has a top end leak. New condenser. Wont come with carb. No electric case cover. Top end inspected and good. As well as the clutches. Looking for offers or a trade on another motor.. Running 103, Minarelli, E50, ZA ect. Whatcha got. PM me your price offers. THX


Re: FS A3 motor complete

Bumpin bumpin

Re: FS A3 motor complete

Bumped, someone wants that internal A3 gearing and dope clutches!

Re: FS A3 motor complete

.♠.MSG .♠. /

how much shipped?

Re: FS A3 motor complete

I may need this...gimme a couple days of testin to see if I can blowup the transmission again.

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