WTB: tomos frame, puch ltd fairing, disc braked front end, puch oval switch (94602 zip)

Steven Whitright /

Rather than shittin up the front-page with multiple WTB posts I figured I'd condense into one post. Holler if you have any of this stuff for trade/sale. Local is most convenient, but holler if you'd ship to 94602 and we can maybe figure that out. thanks!

i'm going going to make a FS thread shortly, i'd be down to do some trades between this/that stuff too.

TOMOS FRAME - i have a spare A35 + tomos wheelset I was going to use on a Maximos build, but think I might use that maxi frame for something else. Anyone have a cheap tomos frame (hopefully with swingarm and forks)?

PUCH LTD FAIRING/WINDSCREEN - repro is fine (preferred actually) - i remember when these were easy to snag on ebay... maybe i'm doin it wrong, but i'm not finding them anymore? anyone have an extra or source?

DISC BRAKE FRONT END - anyone have a Tomos streetmate/revival, cr80, or kx80 17" wheel front end? fork/wheel/rotor/brake/mc/caliper/etc

PUCH OVAL ENGINE STOP/RUN SWITCH - anyone have a cheap used of these http://tinyurl.com/p7kzqk6 ? tired of having to use a key to operate my kill switch

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