Ebr chrome forks for trade - ATL GA

I'm looking to trade a used, older set of chrome ebr forks for a set of k10 "cheap hydro" forks.

These are the early stamped steel triple tree variety. Decent shape, minor wear and tear. Don't know the application, but there is at least 5 inches of stem to mount on any frame. These have a spacer to take up the slack currently. Fork brace/fender brackets have been cut off for some reason.

Why am I trading? Just don't like them. Again, looking to trade for k10 forks, or some other hydro fork with at least 4 inch stem.

Located north of ATL, but we can each pay for shipping.


Re: Ebr chrome forks for trade - ATL GA

Upon further research, I think these are the Peugeot forks as seen below:


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