FS: Sebring Tank

Sebring tank

Bit rough, has two indentations where the knee position would be. Petcock threading was ovalized somewhere along the way. I had a friend remove and braze the spot with a brass hose barb which has been checked for leaks. Inside looks good very minimal rust that a fuel filter would take care of. Comes with the cap and an inline petcock.

$60 Shipped obo

Re: FS: Sebring Tank

why are both sides identically dented?

Re: FS: Sebring Tank

Previous owner acquired it dented on one side and decided to attempt to match it.

I believe they were going for something like this:

Re: FS: Sebring Tank

too bad

Re: FS: Sebring Tank

damn, too much lol

Re: FS: Sebring Tank

Bump. Put this thing on your tomos revival or some shit. Make an offer.

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