motobecane av7

I need to sell my baby for real life bills.... Anyways as for the bike, she is registered/insured for the road right now and running :-) List of mods includes but is not limited to (cuz i forget)

endurance crank

74cc kit

high comp head

er2 pully

doppler clutch pully

delloroto 19phbg

ninja pipe

treats CDI

Cosmetic stuff (i.e. handle bars, light cover ect)

blah blah blah its fun and quick. E-mails go straight to my phone so don't wait! You can also txt me at 3155349385 or email

One of the pictures is when I first bought her completely stock the rest are how she sits today. I'm looking for 750$ obo located in upstate N.Y.


Re: motobecane av7

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