1980 Garelli SSXL for sale - ATL GA

Selling a Garelli SSXL project. Blue pig.

It is complete, just looks like hell. Clean tank. Cables appear to be there. Switches and grips are pretty crappy but there. Decent looking frame and chrome. Has tool pouch above tail light. Good looking speedo and bullet headlight.

Engine turns over, feels like good compression. Do not know if it runs or not. Carb top appears to be missing.

Has attached VIN plate, and will come with a bill of sale.

$250 picked up in Dawsonville GA- north of ATL.

Can help ship, you make all arrangements and pay for packing/materials/shipping.

Can also sell a running NOI engine for an additional $75 if interested. - WILL NOT SELL ENGINE BY ITSELF! DO NOT ASK! IT GOES WITH BIKE, OR WILL GET SOLD AFTER BIKE SELLS!


Re: 1980 Garelli SSXL for sale - ATL GA

250 is a fortune for this

Re: 1980 Garelli SSXL for sale - ATL GA

Yeah I remember this being listed on Craigslist for like $100 - $200 couple of months ago.

Re: 1980 Garelli SSXL for sale - ATL GA

i have no idea what it was listed for, or where. i got it on a trade deal.

if i get an offer, it goes. if not, that is why i built a 30x50 barn...

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