Bay Area (Oakland) rollin' titled Maxi w/Magnum forks

Steven Whitright /

I got this '77 maxi a few months back - fixed it up/titled it, but I've kinda been on a bigger bike trip lately and have been filling up my wife and my garage with shit... soo along it goes.

Background > I shelved the disassembled e50 this came with & installed: a running e50 I had + magnum forks + wiring harness + tecno estoril pipe (pictured separately) + dellorto 15.15 + headlight + fuel filter + sidecovers + gray front fender [not pictured - is still in the mail from Ayche] + collapsible side baskets.

Now I am bringing that running e50 and wiring harness over to another Magnum frame I got (I have a problem)... soooo this dude is rolling again (weeee). I still have the project motor it came with.... background on that > the dude said he installed a kit wrong and jacked the top-end, but supplied the stock stuff for a rebuild. I never bothered as I had a running extra.

The ped has some surface chips/little holes in the long seat/tank needs a flush, but is good overall.

I'd sell it a few ways - let me know what's best for you

A) the whole shebang ---> everything including the project motor. fix/put the motor back together and wire it up and be good to go. I have loose wire you can have,

but am not into contributing to someone getting smooshed by a car.... wire it in a way where you have breaklights etc or just get a complete wiring harnesses (i've snagged em for like $15 - look around)

B) the whole shebang with maxi forks (cheaper) ---> same as the above but I put the red Maxi forks back on and keep the Magnum ones.

C) leave the motor, take the rest (cheapest) ----> everything but the project motor (I'll keep it for parts- I have four other e50s - it'll come in handy at some point)

after some time goes by I might consider adding the following d option

D) parted out ------> just the frame or just certain parts. please wait to make me an offer... there shouldn't be the need to do this

Re: Bay Area (Oakland) rollin' titled Maxi w/Magnum forks

Steven Whitright /

everything = SOLD

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