wtb- 77 superclutch pad, other clutch things

bolts didn't back out no thats cool, just the material on one shoe is a little funky. super glue probs isnt a good idea, so i'm looking for a 1977 Superclutch pad in good shape! I'm down to pay the same as it costs on 1977 if you can get it to me real quick. or just shoot me what you got & what you want

i'm also interested in the whole lightened needle bearing bell/plate setup if anyone has one of those chillin around. not real urgent tho so i'm down to wait for the dealz

Re: wtb- 77 superclutch pad, other clutch things

I tried running it & see how it'd do with the affected pad, clutch locked up lol. I still needa take it out again to asses. So whoever has one, hit me up! I ordered one from 1977, let's see if I can get one here in time to cancel that one!

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