2 QT50s

parting with my lil japanese friends. im sending off everything qt that i got.

bike on the left was a solid runner when parked. drained the tank, unhooked the battery and now its been sittin for a little under a year. when i got the bike it had around 400 (+/-) miles on it and i put around a thousand (i think will have to double check exact numbers). daily commuter. it has a MLM pipe and a high comp head. i put new bearing and brakes in, plugged the oil injector and turned the oil tank into a reserve. there is a uni pod on there upjetted. a few other jets included. oh and put some slightly stronger spring in the clutch. when i was in there the pad looked thick and great.

the other bike is close to be running and i did have it running for a week or so but the float stuck and i just have not messed with it. its all there minus the headlight.

both are keyed () and the speedos function and appear to be og

also i have a engine seal kit on hand and an entire PW50 rearend to re gear

Oakland area but would deliver within reason.

ive never shipped a bike but if this stuff is for you lets talk

550 for the lot or 400 without the pipe

open to offers or splitting or whatnot but not really interested in parting out



Re: 2 QT50s

Bump for OBO!

Also will trade for vespa stuff or??

So ya trades considered

Re: 2 QT50s


Re: 2 QT50s

i would, but it's thousands of miles to georgia...

Re: 2 QT50s

Adam Klags MPG /

Re: 2 QT50s

$325 no pipe. I have both stock ones. Standing local offer but want to offer it up on here for da homiez

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