WTB Minarelli 108 fan

I know they are hard to find. Someone has one to sell me. Who has one?

PM me pls.

Re: WTB Minarelli 108 fan

I have one taht had a crack. I slopped on some jb weld and it has held up. I am willing to selling becasue I am running a kit that eliminates the need for a fan. pm an offer

Re: WTB Minarelli 108 fan

Thanks, I would prefer a sold one if I can find one.

Anyone have one laying around?

Re: WTB Minarelli 108 fan

I have had to turn to Angello for the last two taht I have needed. He was having some email problems awhile back, not sure if he is back.

Re: WTB Minarelli 108 fan

Getting ready to print some brand new ones... I get my personal printer on Thursday. I can ship some test fans maybe as early as this weekend. The pink one in the thread is just with dimensions I pulled out of my butt. I'm actually sitting here with an actual busted fan I got last night adding the actual dimensions to my cad drawing right now. I'd love for some people to test some PLA fans for me so I can see if that's good enough or if I have to go to a nylon right away.

The fan I've got is a 103 I believe. If someone wants to send me a 108 fan, I'd be happy to adjust the dimensions and print those too. Might even offer some with curved blades for superior cooling!

Get stoked. Got a whole bunch of parts I'm gonna start printing. Fans will probably be $50-60 shipped.

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