FS: KTM clutch/bell extravaganza

HEY! wanna be a racer? or fast? or quick or something like that.

buy my ktm stuff, I got 1 complete clutch, 1 nearly complete clutch and 1 KTM needle bearing clutch bell with a puch gear welded on.

the goods:

1 COMPLETE real KTM clutch, with adventure springs shimmed to engage at 8500-9000rpms. pads are good, springs are good, hub is good. This is the clutch that won the NEMA 2014 1/2 speed class. I watched it beat two fully built Tomos' off the line from a later starting position. $150 + shipping

1 set of real KTM pads, in like new shape. TONS of life left, even more then the complete clutch. $70 + shipping

1 real KTM hub. Good threads, good taper. Its good! $40 + shipping

1 set of real KTM adventure springs. They are springy! $20 + shipping

1 real KTM bell with an e50 gear pressed in, welded on, milled down, bored out and fitted with a needle bearing. Mars did the work, and y'all love Mars. $100 + shipping.

Buy it all for $330 + shipping and be so ready to race it won't even be funny. I'll even toss in the bolts so you can use a regular Puch clutch puller to pull it.

Want pictures, ask. I'll get em for you.

Re: FS: KTM clutch/bell extravaganza

Its all sold. Thanks the the interest dweebs.

Re: FS: KTM clutch/bell extravaganza

simon thokaar /

can we at least still get pics to jerk off to?

Re: FS: KTM clutch/bell extravaganza






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