WTB: Baffles/Silencers/Mufflers

Princess Rapunzel /

Hear ye hear ye! I need 2 baffles for a project! Tired am I of riding around with a baffleless Techno circuit and making people cover their ears as I pass by, as cool I may sound. I wish to join Team Quiet and have baffles and silence once more! Roll along at 3AM and not wake anyone up!

If anybody has baffles that they would either donate or sell to me, I would be grreeaatly overjoyed! Please do let me know!

Something like this would be kewl: https://www.treatland.tv/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=tecno-baffle-20005&CartID=1

If anyone's got a used one of those.... (edited)

Re: WTB: Baffles/Silencers/Mufflers

Princess Rapunzel /


Re: WTB: Baffles/Silencers/Mufflers

I have a massive GY6 muffler...

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