1980 Honda Express II front basket

Christine Frederick /

I am looking to purchase a new front basket for my scooter. Please email me if you have one available for sale.

Re: 1980 Honda Express II front basket

I have a nice pair of rear ones.

Its actually like 2 baskets connected as one.

Not 100% sure but I THINK they were a Honda factory accessory.

I also have a front basket from a Spree. Not sure if they are the same though.

Re: 1980 Honda Express II front basket

Neil Burgess /

I'm down here in Aberdeen Wa, I do have a basket but unfortunately it's connected to an 80 Express II I just purchased. I have this whole bike it's a runner, and a 79 nc50 Express(no basket) parts bike. Parts bike would probably run too I just haven't messed with it. I'd sell the pair for a good price- thus far I've got the express II fired up and it runs real good. Always cool to have 2(or more!) of everything imo.......

It's probably more than you're looking to buy but you never know unless you ask right?

Re: 1980 Honda Express II front basket

Will these baskets fit a 1978 nc50 Honda Express? I am looking for front and rear baskets.

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