1983 Honda Hobbit PA50-II

For Sale: 1983 Honda Hobbit PA50-II Moped (black)

Asking $700 obo

I bought this bike about 5 years ago and was briefly using it to commute to work during good weather. This was a lot of fun, but short lived. Unfortunately shortly after getting it I moved and am no longer close enough to work to make riding it feasible. I'm somewhat reluctant to sell as this is a pretty cool vintage moped, but I really don't use it much or see myself using it regularly in the future, so it must go!

The bike runs excellent with low, low miles, only 2382 miles! The carburetor was replaced with new shortly before I bought it, the original carburetor is included. I have personally replaced the brake shoes front and rear (worn/squeaked), the petcock on the fuel tank (original started leaking), as well as the spark plug and air filter (regular maintenance). I also replaced a module in the ignition system that had stopped working (I bought the bike in non-running condition, that module was the problem). I have the original key to the bike. I do not have a title, as CT does not issue titles or registrations for mopeds under 50 cc (the engine size is 49.5 cc).

The bike is 100% driveable as-is. If I had to make a list, the ONLY things I would consider replacing are:

1. Front tire -- definitely usable, but a little dried out

2. Needs a new battery, but the ONLY thing the battery operates on these bikes is the blinker system.

3. One cracked blinker lens

I will consider partial trades for music gear (guitar, bass, drums, amps, microphones, etc.), but there needs to be at least ~50% cash involved unless you're offering me one hell of a trade. If you do wish to propose a trade please send me actual details (model number, photos, etc) on what you have.

Any questions or offers please let me know.


Re: 1983 Honda Hobbit PA50-II

Would probably help if I put my location, which is CT zip code 06255

Re: 1983 Honda Hobbit PA50-II

I HATE being that guy but... Is the exhaust diamond encrusted? or gold plated???

Re: 1983 Honda Hobbit PA50-II

Neil Burgess /

I'd have to agree $700 cash is steep. It looks ok- stock bikes just aren't worth that much. Trading might yield better value. Or you find the right noob on CL and you never know. Too far away for me to even consider. Maybe a better market there? I could build and ship bikes there for that price.

I paid $350 for a titled/plated yellow 237mi survivor bike earlier this year. In fair but somewhat faded condition- rust free and rims as straight as the day they were new. It's a solid runner and it looks amazing(I did powdercoat the frame and tins after buying it, I hated the schoolbus yellow). Others here would have paid less- a couple friends actually scolded me for giving the guy his asking price. Meh. MA is rough some days. But we all like to keep the prices down and horse-trade.

I do hope someone gets this- GLWS. "for every seat, there's an ass"

Re: 1983 Honda Hobbit PA50-II

Looking at the first pic, I thought it had some kind of rad front fender mounted light....

Re: 1983 Honda Hobbit PA50-II

I’m not really much of a moped enthusiast so I don’t honestly know what these models “usually go for these days”. I did base my asking price on recent craigslist ads and recent sales on ebay. Reasonable offers will absolutely be considered.

Re: 1983 Honda Hobbit PA50-II

Sold for $550 locally


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