WTB Motobecane 50V Variator Clutch Drum

Looking for an outer clutch drum for a 50V. If you have a good nut to go with it, that is a plus. Also, any info on the one that Treatland salls for $25? I have heard some negative reviews of some aftermarket ones, but I am not sure if this is the one being referred to. Thanks in advance.

Re: WTB Motobecane 50V Variator Clutch Drum

I bought one from treats. The positive: looked nice and shiny. The bads: the center detached from the drum itself. It was such a clean break it took a minute to figure out WTF was going on. Fixed it with a few little tack welds but the initial quality is not good.

If you know going in (and now you do), you could reinforce with a couple of welds from inside and/or out before install and maybe avoid the frustration I encountered. If on outside, make sure you keep the welds free and clear from the threads. Or grind and/or clean up threads to provide clearance/access for the nut.

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