WTB FZ50 transmission

looking to buy a FZ50 trans to swap onto my fa50. i am located in RI and willing to take a days drive to pick up parts.

Re: WTB FZ50 transmission

You likely already know this but, I think you need the whole engine/trans unit, plus other part(s) like rear wheel (spindle is different). Basically, the whole drive train and rear wheel.

Or just buy an FZ! Fun bikes and all around better than FA IMO.

Re: WTB FZ50 transmission

If you were in Chicago, I'd sell ya a whole purdy FZ50 so you could ride in comfort and style without so much work.

But, alas, you are not.

I just might have to start riding that one again, myself!

Re: WTB FZ50 transmission

pm sent - could possibly get you the whole machine - cheap (edited)

Re: WTB FZ50 transmission

i don't mind doing the work to make the FZ/FS motor and trans fit i have alot of work into my FA and am at the point where the next step is either a kit or a motor swap. from what people on here have told me the way to go is with the motor swap. i think i have found a decent parts bike to use thanx for the response.

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