FS: Vinyl Die Cuts, Banners, Signs, and other shits...

Beard Road Bruiser (SoB) /

You need diecuts? I got you!

Willing to hook up the moped community with like a 10% discount compared to non moped folk.

You want die cuts? Headlight decals? Rally stickers? Done.

Banners? Wanna let everyone know which tent the hot dog party is in when the fire dies down? Got you covered.

Feel like making a bunch of signs to stick in the ground and let the slow pokes know which way the rally went? You certainly are nice, and I can help you out with that.

Seriously though, dropping $1k on a new plotter was not the most financially sound idea, so help me pay it off and make it so I'm not out on my ass when the lady friend kicks me to the curb.

PM for sample, quotes, or just to talk about Joe Peg. (edited)

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