78 Maxi in Arkansas

I have been tuning it and riding for a few weeks, needs a bit more carb tuning but fun to ride. I have about 200 miles on this new motor.

Treats 70cc Reed Valve cylinder kit , case matched to kit

mikuni vm20 carb w/ extra jets for tuning & custom velocity stack for filter

MLM VM20 intake

malossi reeds

tecno circuit

Rebuilt stock crank with roller bearings from Cheapsk8

new three shoe clutch

17x40 gearing

new points

timed at 17deg with a timing light

new golden boy tires

*Head temp gauge stay with me.

Frame is rust free, just has bad paint job from PO. All lights and horn work. Local pick up, in Fort Smith Arkansas. I know I know not the hot bed for mopeds but.

Re: 78 Maxi in Arkansas


Re: 78 Maxi in Arkansas

Looking to get $500. Sorry, thought I had fixed that.

Re: 78 Maxi in Arkansas

Again with the bumping...

Re: 78 Maxi in Arkansas

In Fayetteville, AR. What speed are seeing out of this beauty? Interested...

Re: 78 Maxi in Arkansas

PM sent

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