FS dell 21mm phbg, needles, atomizers

21mm phbg. 3000 miles of use. or even less. it was hitting one spot for a bit. it had the fuel line rubbing against it here in this spot for a bit. it just recently got rebuild. and cleaned. cleaned it before each spring. 2 years ive had it. cleaned it this year. this is now year 3. its got the 2 stroke stuff in it your looking for. the atomizer and bushing. new gaskets. recently cleaned. and it has a pull up choke, manual. comes with the stuff for the cable choke. since thats how i bought it to begin with. also comes with extra set of, spring washers, and a rubber cap for the back vacuum spot.

100$ shipped you cover half of the paypal costs in continental usa

ill even swap any other atomizer you want in it if you know what your doing out.

atomizers. 13 dollars shipped each. the third is 12 dollars. buy more their 11 for the fourth and there on. i have 258,260, 264, 266,268, 270. some of these youll hardly ever find.

have some legit dellorto needles. not located on treatland most of these. i want 8.50 each shipped. just ask if youve not seen it on treatland or are interested. like the 1.0mm tapers, .6mm tapers. some i got from treatland some from 77 mopeds. so i didnt get them too cheap. i have like 9 needles. not the 1.4mm tapers or 1.8mm taperred needles, though. none of them. check here for information on dellorto needles. W series dellorto needle specs

also got a 30 slide too 13$ shipped.

Re: FS dell 21mm phbg, needles, atomizers

come on. best offer

Re: FS dell 21mm phbg, needles, atomizers

Was this recently cleaned?

Re: FS dell 21mm phbg, needles, atomizers

yea i cleaned it every spring and took it off about a month and a half ago. just had cleaned it a few months ago. i took it apart last week and cleaned it, and then found my o-ring in my fuel screw was missing. i remember putting that back together in it. i had a backup in my rebuild kit and installed it. .. maybe it was the reason i couldnt tune my bike, but i remembered it coming out and reusing it.? anyway might of been the reason i couldnt tune it.

my mistake your luck. yes recently cleaned and i put a new o-ring in the mixture screw. new gaskets 1 month before i stopped using it. new top cap gasket or 2 extra, some spring washers.

Re: FS dell 21mm phbg, needles, atomizers

Does it have a manual pull choke?

Re: FS dell 21mm phbg, needles, atomizers

yea look at the picture. has the pull up and i got the origina one i bought that came with it. the cable one, and ill include its parts too.

Re: FS dell 21mm phbg, needles, atomizers

ok 95$ shipped. priority shipped. Not going for best offer. this things, been too babied and recleaned. never handled bad. never thrown...

never dropped. recleaned every year. only selling it cause i want to be able, to doo something. i dont really even need to get rid of it, i just dont' need it, though. i can't use it, im not using it. im not going to be using it on my current bike. but who knows.

so 95$ priority shipped. it does have paint spots worn. but fresh gaskets and rebuild.

and i got other adapters, screw on air filter adapters, 70 degree bendy things, idk. just message me.

Re: FS dell 21mm phbg, needles, atomizers

alright so 95$ priority shipped on the carb. ill go lower if the shippings lower to you using another method and lower the price. based on that.

offer me on all the other parts, best offer. buy it all, make me an offer, best offer. tons of fine tuning ideas here. So what if i might be throwing a totally tunable carb for me out the window? im going with a different carb instaed, and actually going the way i was going to in the first place. ad the first time, also my bikes been ridable.

Re: FS dell 21mm phbg, needles, atomizers

Francis Cronley /

Looks like you never got an offer better than mine hah

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