WTB Moped MD

Andrew Knuth /

Just finished putting together a workshop. Now I need a project to get my hands dirty.

I live downtown Baltimore and would like to build/restore/maintain a moped.

send me a message if you have anything interesting

Re: WTB Moped MD

Leila Bozorg /

Just sent you some pics of a moped over email. I'm nearby in DC.

Re: WTB Moped MD

1976 Motobecane 70cc kit 15.15 Dellorto Techno ex. Chas Gantz @ mopedarmy....

Re: WTB Moped MD

Shoot me an Email or a PM I might have something for you depending on what you are looking for. regardless I live in Hampden so I'm close. whats your workshop setup for?

Re: WTB Moped MD

I have a 1986 Trac moped that has proved to be stuborn . I have had it running, then it got stuborn again, and I turned to another project. Let me know if you are interested. I am in Fort Wayne, In. I can send pictures if interested. H.H.

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