-FS Black and silver hobbit STL-

If you like what you see holler. It's for sale, 78' 2 stage reeds, polini, proma, what's wrong with that? Hydraulic shocks with motor mount 3" back. Seat lowered, z50r handlebars. Urethane silver car paint with clear over.

Hey, if you don't like it, I'll get it painted the color you do like. Mikuni carb from a Yamaha razz or something. It's 12mm wide and 18mm tall Venturi. I don't know what that is identified as but it works. The headlight tabs are similar to stock but made of steel and welded lower on the forks with a Halogen headlight.

It was my daily rider last year but not this year so it's time to go.

Pay me $600 and you can have it, unless you have a better idea. (edited)


Re: -FS Black and silver hobbit STL-

I like it, but too damn far away.

Re: -FS Black and silver hobbit STL-

Stephanie Rose /

same too far, but sweet bike. Free bump

Re: -FS Black and silver hobbit STL-

Scooter builds awesome stuff. I don't care for hondas, but i would totally own this bike just because it's had scooters secret fairy dust sprinkled on it.

Scooter, I'm making it a point to come ride with you next time I'm in stl. No joke.

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