FS: Malossi VL9 reed cage brand new

60$ Shipped. if you live far off you split me paypal costs. If you live in alaska hawaii, add plus shipping.

You ask me well whats so special about this, that id want to pay you the same cost as new? This is brand new, never ran once, and it comes with my not even 2000 miles not got any drooping in them, not ran hard, malossi vl9 reeds from my old cage with them.

60 bucks for it all. This is the Dio reed cage

Re: FS: Malossi VL9 reed cage brand new

Its the Dio reed cage.

oh thats right i forgot i cut the rubber gasket it comes with, off with a razor. and i use paper gasket instead. ill include honda gaskets.

the reason for that is why, I had the first one i bought. after riding around for 300 miles or seomthing i took it back apart. the rubber gasket that is included started to shred apart.

so i cut that one off. i used the torque specs and it done this. its no good. its just some rubber. this is a manifold. anyway. it never gave me any problems doign this on my old one. nothign ever had a problem being connected to it.

and ill do 55$ to continental us. and plus shipping anywhere else, like hawaii or alaska. and this includes the honda gaskets, and the under 2000 mile old reeds from my other cage malossi i got. there not dropping or anything. (edited)

Re: FS: Malossi VL9 reed cage brand new

nvm not for sale. not now.

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