1978 Honda Hobbit

Dave Reading /

This moped is for sale. I have $1200 in it ... would like to get $975

I am not mechanically-inclined, so bear with me.

Has 1,050miles

Idles and runs find ... gets up to 25mph.

Has both leather saddle bags

Have not succeeded in figuring out why it won't reach 30mph, and since my wife doesn't REALLY want this moped anyway, I am finished pursuing a nicely-running machine.

I have had the carb. cleaned thoroughly twice: replaced the points, coils, Crank Case w/ Stator & Crankshaft (however, I am not SURE they were problematic to begin with!).

Am located in the Berkshires, not far from Amherst / Northampton.

1978 Hobbit.jpg

Re: 1978 Honda Hobbit

Beard Road Bruiser (SoB) /

Just as an FYI, the red and white early Hobbits (yours) are only designed to go 20mph, so you should be stoked on getting 25mph out of it.

They typically sell for $300 in running condition, because they can't readily be converted to 30mph without changing the cylinder, carb, variator ramp plate, reeds, reedblock, and exhaust.

If you really have $1200 into it, I would hang onto it, and just enjoy going 25mph. You won't find anyone here to buy it for $975.

FYI, there is a fast as shit watercooled Hobbit for sale here in NH for $1200 So your price is a little unrealistic for a stock, slow model Hobbit.

Re: 1978 Honda Hobbit

^ what he said. But I'll maybe buy the saddlebags if you want to sell them.

Re: 1978 Honda Hobbit

Dave Reading /

I suppose I would entertain selling the saddle bags ... Matt - what's your offer?

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