WTB Square bing parts

Francis Cronley /

I need all new gaskets, a new float, and airbox. Or an a square bing that doesn't leak. Thanks.

Re: WTB Square bing parts

Just get a cheap sha and be done with it. You'll be much happier.

Re: WTB Square bing parts

Francis Cronley /

I would, but I cant fit a sha on there due to stupid intakes on the 505a engine.

Re: WTB Square bing parts

Yes you can. I'm running one on my D engine.

Get a small 1" piece of conduit or similar and clamp it so it sticks out of the sha creating a spigot mount. Use a 2" or so section of hose to connect the intake and the spigot. Use hose clamps to secure them. The hose will allow some movement of the carb so it can be fitted away from the frame and under the side covers. You'll have to trim and tweak the cable noodle to fit it under the covers.

If you have clearance problems with the bowl hitting the engine, you can make a riser for the intake base out of almost anything, or use a slightly longer section of hose. On mine I had the opposite problem so I used a small block of rubber to act as a spacer to support the carb as there was a gap underneath.

Essentially, get creative. You can make it work.

Re: WTB Square bing parts

♣Slew Foot♣ /

it leaks due to the float needle and inlet needing lapping to fit snugly, it also requires 2mm of slack in the throttle cable when at rest so the throttle slider covers the top of the fuel source in the carb, dig?

standard size rubberband will work as a floatbowl gasket, it's not made to be fuel proof but rather just keep the gas from flowing out when you turn.

if the float hieght is right, the tickler valve is up & the above issues are addressed it won't leak.

the float is balsa wood coated with nail polishlike stuff, if it floats its good basicly, i have one, if yours is fubar.

they are scarce so if you got one use it. i like having a spare.

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